Love and hate two in one my feelings are but brief.
When i feel emotions i never feel relief.
Emotions aren't just feelings,
it's who we are inside.
Everyone has emotions,
but most of them will hide.
People do not like to speak about the way they feel,
but if you hide emotions, you will never heal.

Ode to the dead....

life so short and death so cruel
some die on time, some act like fools
no one lives forever, but some will die to young.
their lives like those of songs that haven't been sung.
so heres to you wherever you are.
your in God's hands now so you'll never be far...

A tortured soul can appear perfectly fine
as if a grape, still ripe from the vine,
but in that grape a virus sprouts
and before you know the life is choked out.
so take some time to talk to those so glad,
just to see if their soul is sad.
you may not know what one comment can do
but when they're gone you won't forget who.

                  ~"Petty Comments" by Sam Kroeger

The Outcast: by Sam Kroeger

he's different, he's loud and he doesn't act the same
he's heard every insult, been called all the names
it takes more than one to make him feel OK
but no one cares for his feelings nor what he has to say.
he tries to put it behind him, to forget about the past.
you know who this person is.....he is the outcast.....