Cole Haugen

Beating drums once did call

Warning townsfolk one and all

They grabbed a musket and powder bag

That lied beside a new formed flag

Blood they shed to stop ruthless reign

Of years of much inflicted pain

We took our brother from his land

To work in fields of greed by hand

A nation now was torn apart

In body, spirit, mind, and heart

Brave soldiers died most gallantly

To reach long sought equality

Poverty, murder, plague, and fear

Day and night we did hear

They found themselves on foreign shores

Their mission was to end world wars

Leaving marks on far off sands

Accomplished, they did as justice demands

Terror soon took flight in wind

Our towers flaming did descend

Rubble and ash hindered the pace

Of firemen, a saving grace

They put themselves in danger’s way

With only one life they could pay

They were the heroes that fought and died

With courage, honor, duty, pride

Under God, a nation strong

Rectifies all worldly wrong