Is This It?

It's a tornado in my mind-
A hurricane in my eyes- 
It's a fire in my heart-
and a voice that yells my crys.

It's an owl that flies by day-
A tree that's burnt to ash-
It's a flower with no bee-
and a bolt of light and clash.

It's a wind that has no air-
A pole that has no string- 
It's a mouse that has no tail-
and a falcon with no wing.

It's a picture with no flash-
A print without a finger-
It's a wall without a door-
and a thought that only lingers.

It's the ice that's down my back-
A stream run through my vein-
It's a beat without a heart-
and a wound that has no pain.

It's seven years bad luck-
A mirror upon the floor-
It disappeared tonight
and  i don't see it anymore. 

It's a turn around a corner-
A green light changed to red-
It's a scream upon my ear-
but i want love instead.

Hardened Heart

I stand here as a rebel, a rebel without a clue.
I stand here with a fire, and a black heart just for you.

As more time goes by, the smaller it will get.
But the stronger it is, the more pain it can fit.

Don't ask me to see it, to hold it in your hand.
I'll never let it go, and I'll hold it till the end. 

You plea and you beg but I'm not giving in.
No matter the fight, my heart will always win.

A Bullet Saved

The rounded mirror that hit the door
The broken glass that's now the floor
The screams that fall upon a breath
The moments of life that linger left

The bullet point cocked at the head
the pardoned hole that's aimed with lead
The muffled speech that's now a gasp
The ticking clock that springs it's last

The holding thought that says to wait
The shaking hands like earth that quakes
The beads of liquid nerves that fall
The final pull to end it all

The blinding hour that has past
The mind made up it's own at last
The life-filled arms that hold an ache
The falling motion they will make

The bended knee that's almost there
The silent words that fill the air
The finger pulled that made a click
The lead that stuck was thrown real quick...

Double Standards

In the end what will you want? Temptation gives you nothing.
No satisfaction, No guarantee, leaves us nothing, you and me.

The tempted and the tempting, having love for one another.
Starts a different kind of story, one of love unlike the other.

The story starts with two: confused, bewildered, and afraid.
Moves along a steady pace, faults and strengths each day.

The faults can be fixed and strengths only stronger,
Trying so hard for them to last longer.

When you see another, they stare into your eyes.
You know you want your lover, no one else- big surprise.

Dreams of them, they float in you head.
Dreams that their love shall never be dead.

Both prepare for their hearts to be crushed,
both prepare for the worst.
Neither wants their heart to be broke,
neither wants to feel that hurt.

But shields don't have to be thick.
Locks don't have to be locked.
Nothing is going to hurt them.
Their love will come as a shock.

It's sitting right there,
between the palms of their hands.
It's telling them it's there,
helping each owns stand. 

Don't do it for pity, for obligation or them.
Do it for you, your love and your friends.